Facilities and Services in Your Room

  • Telephone Services

    For the convenience of our patients, bedside telephones are available in all our wards.

    For local calls, please dial 9 followed by the number you wish to call.

    For international calls, please dial 9 followed by 019 or 001 (IDD Access Code) + Country Code + Area Code + number of the party you wish to call.

    Please be informed that all outgoing calls will be charged and included in your final bill.

  • In-House Entertainment


    Your room is equipped with a unique in-house entertainment system that allows you to access free-to-air television channels and a wide selection of movie, variety, entertainment, sports and news channels on cable.

    Internet Access and Online Gaming

    We know that Internet access might be something you need to have while you recuperate. From our in-house entertainment system, you will be able to access the Internet just as you do at home, so you will have plenty to entertain you during your stay. Whether it is catching up with the news, playing interactive games online, watching videos or relaxing with an online library of books, you will be in full control of how you spend your time.

    If you are warded in a deluxe room or one of our suites, you will have access to all the above-mentioned entertainment on the move, through a WiFi-enabled multimedia tablet that you can take around the hospital with you.

  • Meal Service

    Meal Service

    Nutrition and diet play a crucial role in your path to recovery. Here at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, we ensure that your meals supplement the healthcare you receive while also delivering a pleasant culinary experience.

    With that in mind, our teams, both culinary and dietetic, have spared no effort in the design of our menus to provide you with five nourishing, well-balanced meals every day to support you in your recovery. Our culinary experts will even create a menu for you based on your physician’s dietary recommendations.

    Meal Times

    Breakfast: 8am – 10am

    Lunch: 12pm – 2pm

    Dinner: 5.30pm – 7.30pm

    Executive Chef

    For the last 20 years, our Executive Chef, Alan Sim, has been an integral part of the culinary scene in Asia. In his career, Alan has held notable positions in both local and international hotels in Asia, such as the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Burg Al Arab in Dubai. He has led the Singapore National Culinary team to achieve numerous International Awards.

    Prior to heading the culinary team here at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Alan also owned and managed his own restaurant, Zen.

    Today, he leads a team of innovative and passionate professionals, each armed with a different culinary background and all committed to providing you with a gastronomic healing culinary experience that includes contemporary interpretations of European, Japanese, Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisine.

    Should you have any specific preference or requirements for your meals during your stay with us, Chef Alan and his team will be on hand to assist in customising your menu.

  • Butler Service

    Butler Service

    Need something during your stay? Being confined to your ward should not let that stop you. Our team of friendly and professional butlers are at your beck and call.

    Suites and deluxe rooms: 8am – 8pm
    Other rooms: upon request

    For enquiries on rates and availability, please contact our food, nutrition and beverage department.

  • Dietetic Service

    Dietetic Service

    Your doctor may refer you to our team of experienced accredited dietitians for consultation on your diet to either prevent or control diet-related diseases. The ultimate goal is to improve your health through the adoption of healthy eating habits.

    While you are staying with us, your dietician will come to your room for your initial consultation. The consultation will include diet evaluation, nutritional assessment, diet counselling with a customised daily meal plan and a dietary handout.

    Your dietitian will conduct follow-up visits and provide assistance with meal orders, special food preferences or modifications if required during your stay. Before you are discharged, you will receive advice on how to continue to manage your diet at home.

    If you are discharged before an appointment can be made for you or if you have a doctor referral, you may consult our dietitians by appointment as an outpatient at our dietary consultation room.

    Appointment hotline: +65 6933 0231

  • Other Services

    Consultation Fees


    • Initial consultation: complimentary
    • Follow-up visits: complimentary


    • Initial consultation (45 minutes): $75
    • Follow-up visits (30 – 40 minutes): $50
    • All prices stated are inclusive of 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST).


    Your room will be cleaned daily by a member of the housekeeping team. Do inform our nursing staff if you have concerns about any aspect of the housekeeping service.

    Our housekeeping office is open daily from 8.30am – 5.30pm.


    A complimentary copy of the local newspaper will be delivered to your room daily.

    Room Safe

    You will find a safe in your room where you may store your personal belongings for safekeeping.

    However, we advise you not to bring any valuables with you during your hospital stay. The Mount Elizabeth Hospitals will not be responsible for any loss of or damage to personal items on the hospital premises.

    Laundry Service

    You may wish to have your clothes washed, pressed or dry-cleaned during your stay. Just let our ward staff know and it will be arranged for you.

    Available daily: 8.30am – 5.30pm

    (Charges are applicable)

    Maintenance Requests

    All electrical lighting and fittings should be in good working order in your room. If you find anything faulty, do let our ward staff know so that we can get it repaired for you and maintain your living accommodation at the high standard you expect from Mount Elizabeth.


    Your safety and security are our utmost priority. Our in-house security provides 24-hour coverage, both on patrol and by constant monitoring of public areas through closed-circuit surveillance equipment.

    Should you have any matters of concern, please contact our ward staff for assistance immediately.

    Fire Safety

    The hospital has an automatic fire alarm system that is directly linked to the Singapore Civil Defence Force. When the fire alarm is activated, alarm bells will ring on all floors. Should there be a fire in your room, please call extension 555, leave your room and close the door behind you to prevent the fire from spreading and to slow down the diffusion of smoke and fumes. Please remain calm and stand by for further announcements or instructions from the ward staff.

    No Smoking

    Mount Elizabeth Hospitals are strictly no-smoking facilities. Smoking is prohibited by law throughout the hospitals.

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