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  • International Patient's Guide

    International Patients Guide

    The Central Patient Assistance Centre (CPAC) is your one-stop resource providing assistance in medical, transport and accommodation for international and local patients.

  • Patient Assistance Centres

    Patient Assistance Centres

    Our Patient Assistance Centres were set up to provide one-stop service in more than 35 cities in Asia Pacific.

  • Admission Information

    Admission Information

    Browse our Admission Information for details on admission time, what to bring, room facilities and information on visiting hours.

  • Ambulance Special Transport

    Ambulance and Special Transport

    We provide transportation for emergencies, inter-hospital transfers, outpatient service, hospital admissions and discharges, and special events.

  • Accommodation nearby

    Accommodation Nearby

    To facilitate your accommodation plans, we have listed several hotel properties that are located near our hospitals.