Dr Tan Kai Chah

Dr Tan Kai Chah
Dr Tan Kai Chah
  • Asian American Liver Centre


    6A Napier Road #02-37
    Gleneagles Medical Centre Annexe Block
    Singapore 258500

  • Specialty

    • General Surgery
  • Qualifications

    • D.P.M.P
    • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    • Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, UK
    • Fellow of the Academy of Medicine of Singapore
  • Languages Spoken

    • English


  • Dr Tan Kai Chah is a general surgeon at Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore, specialising in liver transplants. Conditions that Dr Tan treats include liver failure, liver cancer and general liver disease.
  • Dr Tan completed his specialist training in paediatric hepatobiliary surgery and liver transplant surgery at King’s College Hospital (KCH), London, from 1986 to 1994. Among the 400 liver transplant operations Dr Tan performed in the UK, many were pioneered by him.
  • He performed the first ‘split-liver’ transplant operation where the donor graft was divided and transplanted to 2 recipients. He also performed the first auxiliary heterotopic liver graft for a patient with fulminant hepatic failure. A pair of siblings with the Crigler-Najjar syndrome was successfully given orthotopic segmental grafts. It was the first time the operation had been done in Europe and the second time it had been performed in the world.
  • Dr Tan performed 5 combined liver-kidney and 2 combined heart-liver transplant operations, the latter being a collaborative effort with Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub of Harefield Hospital, London. Although the Liver Transplant Programme in KCH was largely adult based, Dr Tan performed over 75 paediatric liver transplants, 45% of which were liver reductions from an adult liver. He successfully completed the first pilot study on paediatric living donor liver transplantation in the UK.
  • During his tenure as the senior liver transplant surgeon at KCH, Dr Tan trained 26 surgeons in hepatobiliary and liver transplant surgery. He advised and helped implement the Irish National Liver Transplant Programme in St. Vincents Hospital in Dublin.
  • Dr Tan has published and lectured extensively on the subjects of hepatobiliary and liver transplantation surgery. He co-edited a textbook on ‘The Practice of Liver Transplantation’.
  • After 6 years as consultant surgeon in KCH, he returned to South East Asia in 1994 to set up his private practice in Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore. In 1996, he was appointed director of the Liver Transplant Programme at the National University Hospital (NUH) in Singapore.
  • Currently, his work mainly involves general hepatobiliary surgery and liver transplantation. He started a living donor liver transplant programme in SJMC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1995 where, to date, over 50 transplants have been performed. He performed 47 transplants, both adult and paediatric, in NUH before he resigned in March 2002.
  • In January 2002, Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore was given permission to perform living donor liver transplantation. The first successful adult-adult living donor liver transplant in South East Asia was performed in Gleneagles in April 2002 by Dr Tan. To date, Dr Tan has performed more than 230 such procedures.

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